There are different ways to get involved in our work at Sseninde Foundation so as to make a contribution to our work with communities in Uganda. You can support us by; Volunteering: This involves going out with our teams to train and speak to mothers and girls in the community about health programs, sensitize the community... Continue Reading →

There are different ways of developing the community for example through education, health care, security and others. As sseninde foundation,we work towards helping the vulnerable children access education in various schools. We appreciate the schools that have cooperated with us to give hope to these children. We have two more students on board both from... Continue Reading →

Charcoal Briquettes 

There has been climatic change because of the dangerous activities being carried out. Many people have resorted to forests as a source of fuel. With briquettes, the depletion of forests is minimized. In another way waste can also be managed in an appropriate manner.Waste can be put to use to make briquettes which is an... Continue Reading →

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